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Agility is my favorite sport of all time!  My teaching is inspired by the One Mind Dogs methodology which allows me to see my students excel in this sport.  I love the bond this sport builds with your favorite four-legged buddy.  This is a sport for anyone of any age or ability!  You don't have to be an athlete to do this!


I started training 17 years ago with my Dachshund, Frankie, who ran until he turned 11 years old.  I have since run my second dog, a rescue Papillon named Jack who was such a joy to run.  Now I have Cruz, another Papillon, who took me to USDAA Nationals in his second year.  I look forward to the journey with him now.


I have been teaching since 2003 and have had the great pleasure in watching past students excel and achieve high awards.  Teaching is a passion of mine.  Helping to build confident dogs and handlers and to watch them grow brings me great joy!


I have always had dogs in my life growing up but I really came into this life of dogs when I adopted a shelter puppy that needed a job back in 1997.  I fell in love with dogs and their unconditional love.  I have done basic obedience training, boarding, pet therapy testing and visiting along with and  agility since then.


I love dogs!!

From the students:
Bruce & Laura

I appreciate that Karalee is teaching me how to handle a variety of course sequences, obstacle by obstacle,  with specific advise on how to position myself to communicate clearly to my dog where to go in time for the dog  to plan her trajectory.  We try different options for the course flow.  There is usually more than one way to get where we need to go, and I love learning  to think, and practice, outside the box;  to see and execute the alternatives.  I am often quite outside my comfort zone as Karalee encourages me to try a less obvious solution to the course sequence, and it is fun and confidence building  (for me and my canine partner) to learn and get good at a new move.  The communication between me and my dog is becoming more of an art, less hit and miss, as  Karalee gives me feedback about where my feet, or my eyes, or my hands were indicating , which resulted in what (often unintended) action my dog took.  Bring that hard course on!  Bruce says ditto.  :)

I used to run for Q's, now I run for the fun!

Lynn and Sky