AGILITY - I have been training since 2003.  My teaching is inspired by the One Mind Dogs Methodology.  We learn how to speak dog to give our four pawed partners the best communication.  I train with Katrina and Katelyn Scott from VIP Dog Sports.  I am passionate about this sport and the bond it creates with your dog.

Training classes - I have been a trainer for 20+ years.  I have concentrated on agility but I taught classes a few years back at PetSmart for a short time.  I am a positive reinforcement trainer and have trained many different breeds.  I have been a potty training consultant and rescued many hard to train dogs that were successfully adopted.


DAYCARE/BOARDING - In home daycare/boarding where the dogs feel at home. Dog doors allow dogs in and out all day long. All dogs are social and interact with each other all day. Play time outside in a large 1/2 acre yard that is securely fenced with locked gates.  Feeding and sleeping in crates only.

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Agility classes from beginner to advanced competition handling.


  • Group class of 4 to 6 - $60 month

  • Privates:  $30/hr- can be shared with 1 other

  • Jr handler discounts available


Taught at my home or at Temptation Arena in Kuna - student pays for arena time at $22/hr.

Puppy and companion dog


Puppy socialization and training class - 5 weeks - $75

Adult companion class - 5 weeks - $75

Trick training class 4 weeks - $60

DAYCARE - small dogs
  • Cost:  $10/day

  • Seniors and puppies welcome.

  • Must be spayed or neutered and current on shots/rabies.

  • Dogs need to wear a flat collar with tags.

BOARDING-small dogs
  • Cost:  $20/per night for first dog.  Discounts for additional dogs.

  • needs to be crate trained as they will sleep in one.

  • house trained.

  • just bring food and one blanket from home.

  • Spayed/neutered dogs