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One Mind Dogs methods inspire a positive-enforced bond between dog and handler. It creates a special communication between the two that will change your life. It changed mine since I began training in 2003 with Katrina and Katelyn Scott from VIP Dog Sports. I have become passionate about this methodology and love to teach it.


I am a positive reinforcement trainer and have trained many different breeds. For 20+ years, I have done potty-training consulting and have successfully rescued and adopted out hard-to-train dogs.

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Agility classes from beginner to advanced competition handling.


  • Group class of 4 to 6 - $60 month

  • Privates:  $30/hr- can be shared with 1 other


Taught at my home 

Puppy and companion dog


**offered when I have a group.

Puppy socialization and training class - 5 weeks - $75

Adult companion class - 5 weeks - $75

Trick training class 4 weeks - $60

DAYCARE - small dogs
  • Cost:  $15/day

  • Seniors and puppies welcome.

  • Must be spayed or neutered and current on shots/rabies.

  • Dogs need to wear a flat collar with tags.

BOARDING-small dogs
  • Cost:  $25/per night for first dog.  Discounts for additional dogs.

  • needs to be crate trained (they will need to sleep in one).

  • house trained.

  • just bring food and one blanket from home.

  • Spayed/neutered dogs

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